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Control D
when you used control d to paste down, then had to underline the bottom cell, if you used paste special - formulas instead, the bottom cell would still be underlined
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2008 Diluted EPS
That number should be 3.34, not 3.33. this changes the growth rate from the erroneous 10.5% in the video to the correct 10.2%
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Control R vs Paste Special
Why use Control R over Paste Special when pasting to the right? Control R may paste over some unwanted stuff or remove borders. For example, for Diluted EPS growth if you'd pasted it in it removes the bottom borders. I know you redid the formulas for that one, but Paste Special Formulas worked perfe... Read More
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End of Year vs Beginning of Year
Looking for clarity. We input $352,541 for the 2006 total revenue column, however it is listed under the 01/2007 row of the forecast document. Is it because $352,541 represents the total revenue for the entire 2006? The 01/2007 row would then represent the end of 2006.
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Hi as someone mentioned before, there is an error for the eps for 2007 which should be 3.34. In order to get full credit do I put the incorrect number from the video or do I put the correct one from the pdf?
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Total Debt
Why is there a total debt cell ($34,778) but then when we calculate the total debt/total capitalization, and the total debt/EBITDA the numerator is total debt + preferred stock + minority interest?
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total debt definition
May I know why preferred stock and minority interest are included in total debt? I see them as equity.
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Company Overview: Typo $3.34 not $3.33
Errata: Please note that at approximately 9:42 of the Financial Summary - Part 2 video the correct input should be $3.34 not $3.33 as the video mistakenly inputs.
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