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% Change
I have daily data that I need monthly and yearly price change, how do I do that?
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Data Manipualtion
Hi, how can I turn daily pricing data, into monthly price data, and yearly price data.
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Growth Rate Math
Hi there, if a company is trading at 20x forward earnings projections, and if one assumes a post-growth ("terminal") earnings multiple of 15x and a required rate of return of 7.5%. How do you determine the implied 5 year growth rate??
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Convertible Securities
Convertible securities and the Balance Sheet, if converted S/O increase, Debt decrease by the current PV of the face value. Does APIC increase by that amount, how do you adjust the equity section of BS. thank you.
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Adv LBO Model
How do you calculate Cumulative Debt Paydown as well as Cumulative % of initial Debt Paid in the Credit and Leverage Statistics in the model. thank you.
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