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Discount rate unwinding
When i do a DCF model and used a discount rate of 15%, I generated an equity value say 100 dollars. As we move into next year, I need to adjust my discount factor, making year 1 into year 0, my equity value will be increase to 113. My question is how come my equity value is 115, shouldn't my equit... Read More
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Question on interest income impact on FCFE and valuation
I have this company with no debt and high cash pile. (1) In the FCFE calculation = FCFF - (int x (1-tax)) + net borrowing; I will need to add back interest expense * (1-tax). But in my Co case with high cash pile, do i add back interest income instead? (2) when determining the value per shar... Read More
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Accounting question on
A company invest in a target and obtain 40% stake for 120mn. So the target is valued at 300mn. 6 months later, the company is increasing its stake in the target from 40% to 60%. The announcement read: "The increased stake will take effect following a share capital increase, whi... Read More
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formula on how to dynamically copy a cell
i have a question on excel if you can help me in the right direction. i have those 1 and 0 trigger. if the trigger is on (as 1), then i sell half of the stock (convert into cash and hold it until trigger is off) and leave half of stock invested. So as my excel goes, i need to copy the cash value as ... Read More
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Difference between cost of sales and cost of inventory.
- This is a company in Hong Kong. In the P&L, the "cost of sales" is higher than the "cost of inventories sold" in the note from financial statement. The note talks about each expenses (ie staff cost, rent, dep etc) have been charged to arrive the operating profit. Just wonder why those two numbers... Read More
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