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Re: Excel Macro with error message - Please help
Hi Ty, We got the Excel file that you emailed us earlier. We disabled the WST Macros add-in and the error still appeared. This looks like an issue with at least one formula that's causing issues. To me, it looks like cell H15 on the "Check" worksheet is the problem, because when I delete it, t... Read More
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Re: End of Year vs Beginning of Year
Yes, that is correct! As explained earlier in the course (or another related course), the period ending Jan 2007 we are calling 2006 since 11 months of the 2006 are included. The reason why some retailers end their fiscal year in January as opposed to December is to account for the after-Christmas/H... Read More
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Re: Bank Financial Modeling
Yes, our bank modeling courses, in particular, the Advanced version indeed is to determine profits/cash flow and intrinsic value based on forecasts of key inputs and drivers. The models are based on Basel II, not Basel III or CECL. Most, if not all of the inputs required to update to Basel III woul... Read More
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Re: Bank Financial Modeling
Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Our Bank Modeling course is focused primary on the integration of the financial statements for a bank. We do spend some time on justifying the inputs from the footnotes and additional disclosures. However, our courses is not meant to be a deep dive forensic ac... Read More
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Re: Feedback
That is correct, we never mentioned that we have captions. Regarding increase/decrease playback speed, we will look into it. Thank you.
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Re: Turning the default Excel cell backgrounds to gray
It is best practice to allow maximum flexibility in your financial model. We would not teach this step if it was not the superior setup to maximize your success building complex financial models.
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Re: Depreciation Schedule
Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. The useful life of the various PPE assets are disclosed in the footnotes of the 10K filing. You would then guesstimate the remaining life of each asset category based on the remaining life which is calculated based off the weight % accumulated metric. Hope... Read More
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Re: Adv LBO Modeling TL Logic
Please review the Intermediate LBO Modeling course that explains this in greater detail. High level, the TL has an Excess Cash Flow Sweep.
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Re: Completed work sheet
Hi Fanar, Thank you for your question. I understand that some of the courses are a bit more faster paced and difficult to follow than others. However, we have a strict policy of not disseminating the "answers" for any of our models in order to protect the integrity of our WST Verification and WST... Read More
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Re: Historical Cash & Equivalent Reconciliation
Hello, If you have your quarterly IS and BS projections, then the CF should be easy as long as you are using the indirect method of cash flow construction. Recall that the CF starts with NI, adds D&A and changes in working capital, the latter being derived from BS changes quarter to quarter. CapE... Read More
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