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Corporate Finance-specific modules
I about to interview for a Corporate Finance position at a multinational firm (S&P 500 and well-diversified so I've no idea which industry I might be assigned to). Which courses/modules are most suitable for me to prepare for such a role? Given I have already know the basics and theory of corporate ... Read More
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Interview Question - What would Hamilton or Dave Do?
I was hit in an interview with the question, "How would you value TiVo?" Here's the rub: the company is way out of my field. Yes, I know what a TiVo is, and I also know my cable box does the same thing. I also know I don't watch TV and have never had an occasion to use the DVR functions. S... Read More
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Information session at AEPi
I just wanted to thank you again for coming out and talking to the fraternity. As one who is very interested in the world of financial services, I will definitely be getting back to you shortly about joining your program. That being said, I have a question that you might be able to answer, and I hop... Read More
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Published M&A and LBO Deal Information
Hi Guys, I am a graduate from Surrey University in England. Having recently completed all your core modules as preparation for an interview in London, I have some further prep to do. I have been advised to (1) read up on recent and past M&A and LBO transactions (more focus on LBOs) and (2) re... Read More
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CFA certification
How would you value a CFA certification as a career advancement in finance? Also, how would you recommend someone to prepare for the exams?
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stock trading
Here's a question that was posed to us: "in my financial markets class, we have a mock trading competition going on, and whomever wins at the end of the semester (70 or so days) will get a 10% increase in total points for the semester, which could potentially boost the grade up a letter. i, obviousl... Read More
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