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Accounting question on
A company invest in a target and obtain 40% stake for 120mn. So the target is valued at 300mn. 6 months later, the company is increasing its stake in the target from 40% to 60%. The announcement read: "The increased stake will take effect following a share capital increase, whi... Read More
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Stupid Grouping Question
Hi, I have a spreadsheet showing the monthly performance of varous stocks. The rows are stocks and the columns are calendar months. So I grouped the columns K - O to hide Sep - Dec columns (the function in Outline). I want to Ungroup these columns now but the Ungroup button is shaded. So these mo... Read More
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WST Free Lifetime Support Guarantee - HOW IT WORKS
Wall St. Training (WST) offers FREE lifetime support to all our customers, including former corporate training clients, public, open-enrollment seminars, online self-study (WSTSS) customers and individual clients. Our free lifetime support is intended to provide a resource to the WST community an... Read More
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WST Forum Instructions
Welcome! Wall St. Training provides financial modeling and investment banking training to major bulge bracket investment banks, equity research firms, commercial banks, private equity firms, asset managers and other similar firms. WST Self-Study contains 95% of all our courses in an online, vide... Read More
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