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CapitalIQ Shortcuts Override
Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to change the CapitalIQ pre-built shortcuts to the WSTMacros5.8E add-in shortcuts?
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Provisioning IFRS 9
How will the model be affected by IFRS 9 standard on the calculation of Expected Credit Losses. ECL
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Zero coupon bond vs. non-interest bearing debt
on Liabilities Exercise on pg311. In the video, the instructor refers to effective method to calculate the expense and record the entry. Why don't we go with the non-interest bearing debt analysis? Since it is a zero-coupon bond, shouldn't it be considered a non-interesting bearing bond? The differe... Read More
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Tax effects on cash flow
On pg.263, Exercise 1, the answer is the cash flow will not be influenced by the deferral cost. But shouldn't the effect on taxes be considered? So that a higher pre-tax income leads higher tax payments and then a lower cash flow. Looking forward to your reply!
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Net Sales Consideration
At approximately 24:00 and afterward, Profit Margin was calculated as (1,265 / 12,065) on slide 249. (Which could also be written out as Net Sales / Net Income). Since we are only looking at core operations and removing Other Income in the denominator, wouldn't it be more correct to remove the effec... Read More
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cant find Tool in Excel 2016
cant find Tool in Excel 2016
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End of Year vs Beginning of Year
Looking for clarity. We input $352,541 for the 2006 total revenue column, however it is listed under the 01/2007 row of the forecast document. Is it because $352,541 represents the total revenue for the entire 2006? The 01/2007 row would then represent the end of 2006.
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Captions feature does not work currently. Also, there is no way to increase/decrease playback speed. These features are common for online classes and would greatly improve quality of life.
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Turning the default Excel cell backgrounds to gray
Is it best practice in the finance/consulting industry to do this? Or is this step for learning purposes only?
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Completed work sheet
It would be useful to have a completed worksheet of the model. It is not always easy to follow the instructions. Is it possible you can send a completed model for the advanced model. Thanks. Fanar
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