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Suitable course
Dear Sir, If standard financial knowledge is available, which course is suitable to make standard infrastructure project finance model from scrutch?
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I answered my own "SQRT(260)" multiple factor in "WMT 10 Day Volatility" calculation question
After checking my old "statistics" and "physics" college textbooks and B-school Finance book, I realized (i.e. I had forgot) that : 1. Volatility is standard deviation of returns; 2. Volatility, or standard deviation is the square root of variamce; 3. The assumption that common option pricing ... Read More
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"SQRT(260)" multiple factor in "WMT 10 Day Volatility" calculation
Would you please let me know why you include the "SQRT(260)" multiple factor in each "WMT 10 Day Volatility" and "S&P 500 10-Day Volatility" calculation? Does the "260" mean "260 Trading Days and assuming No Holidays, 5 Trading Days * 52 Weeks per Year?" Thank you very much in advance for your ... Read More
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Good afternoon. => I just finished the VLOOK and MATCH self-study module. => I want to make sure that I know how to apply them, VLOOK, MATCH and OFFSET functions, => So, I used the data provided in the course to try to display the Closing Stock Price in a descending order with corresponding Trading... Read More
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Valuation Summary - Private Company Differences
Hello. What differences are there in Valuation Summary for a private company vs. a public company (as shown on slide 14)?
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Color Coding
I am confused about the color coding. Some cells with a formula that only uses inputs from the filings and do not reference other cells get coded black while other times they are coded blue. How should I think about this in terms of the certification exam?
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For the NPV calculation, wouldn't you need to take out the original investment of $10? I get 4.2 for my NPV. Thanks!
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Following up to my (Peter) question RE: Complex LBO Modeling Enhancements - Mezzanine / Warrants Holder Investor Returns
A follow-up to my previous question, it just occurred to me : Did you mean ==> if the warrants conversion right is exercised, then the annual Cash Flow prior to the Exit Year will be = Common Dividends Received * E102 (Equity due to Warrants) + Mezzanine Notes - Cash Interest; and ==> Exit Y... Read More
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Complex LBO Modeling Enhancements - Mezzanine / Warrant Holder Investment Return (with PIK and Warrants)
I am confused by your comment re: "if warrants are converted..." ==> Does it mean that If conversion right is exercised and warrants are converted to equity interest based upon the conversion ratio, my Total Equity Interest will then be = (1) % of equity due to warrants conversion to equity inte... Read More
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Windows 10 - Data Value for Default Background Colour of White
What is the data value to input if I want to change by background colour to that of white, before I changed it to grey? After changing it to grey, I can't seem to revert back to the default - the grey colour spreads to my other themes as well! :/
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