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PDF with Instructions
Hi there, I'm looking for the PDF with the instructions to download the macros. I cannot find them anywhere. Thanks for the help!
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Cash Flow Statement: Future Minimum Cash Payments
Hi, during the 'How to Analyze a 10K' portion of my course, Mr. Lin mentions, "future minimum cash payments must be reflected on the cash flow statement." I'm curious where this would be included. Thanks so much for the help!
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Question about Change in Comprehensive Income
Hi Mr. Lin, for the change in Comprehensive Income, you include (from the S/H - EQ section of the 10K): $963 (unrealized gain on derivative contracts, net of deferred tax expense of $643) and $678 (Other). Why don't you include $502 from the Balance Sheet (unrealized loss on interest rate swaps)?
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Interest Reserve
Let's say the construction loan is good for 24 months but the actual construction period is only 22 months. Hypothetically it has been determined revenue will not be sufficient enough to make any payments on a loan until month 25 resulting in two additional months beyond construction completion that... Read More
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IRR Calculation
I get 23.5% for IRR (with TV) not 29.6%
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Control D
when you used control d to paste down, then had to underline the bottom cell, if you used paste special - formulas instead, the bottom cell would still be underlined
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2008 Diluted EPS
That number should be 3.34, not 3.33. this changes the growth rate from the erroneous 10.5% in the video to the correct 10.2%
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Control R vs Paste Special
Why use Control R over Paste Special when pasting to the right? Control R may paste over some unwanted stuff or remove borders. For example, for Diluted EPS growth if you'd pasted it in it removes the bottom borders. I know you redid the formulas for that one, but Paste Special Formulas worked perfe... Read More
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Costco Interest Expense
For TGT and WMT, interest expense was taken as the gross total (including interest income). But, for COST only interest expense is included. Should that number be 144 instead of 34? (143.533 rounded, which is the interest expense (34,437) and interest income (109,096) summed to get gross interest)
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Location of additional file that is referened?
Hello, Where can I find the exhibit for changes in NWC that Hamilton refers to? I can't seem to find it.
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