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New Student Question
Hello, Can I ask questions if I do not understand a concept? Please let me know. Thanks, CII
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for some reason when i try and use the shortcuts (control alt D/m/c/x) it changes my numbers into whole numbers only. for example 1508.4 becomes $1,508 and omits the .4... why is this?
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Formatting Using the ctrl + shift + D
For some reason every time I use the dollar formatting through the WST add in the default is no decimal places, not one decimal place. How do I change this?
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shareholder loan
Hi can you shed light in which case is shareholder reported as debt vs equity (capital contribution) on the balance sheet in GAAP and IFRS? From what I understand it's classified as debt at least under IFRS. I am not as familiar with GAAP. In reference to points 1 and 2 below. 1. https://www.... Read More
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Formatting Cells D26 through I26
Hi, So in comparing my unformatted workbook to the already completed formatted workboook, I noticed that cells D26 through I26 multiplied profit by the mutiple in C12 rather than C26. Should I use C12 instead when creating the scenario analysis?
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No Growth Model and Gordon Growth Model
Hi there, Why is it that capital gains are not mentioned in the equations for the Gordon Growth Model and No Growth Model? Thanks!
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Hi, when I do the Ctrl+shift+x formula the 0 shows up as a dash rather than as 0.0x, so I was wondering how I can change that?
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Formating 0.0% and 0.0x in Data Manipulation
When I use macros to convert cells to dollar, money, or percent form in the data manipulation spreadsheet, I get the correct results for all cells except for the cells containing 0 for percent and multiples. For these two cells, when I apply control+shift+c or control+shift+x, I get the same dashed ... Read More
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WST Add-in
Hi! I have a newer Microsoft Excel and I was wondering how to download the WST add-in? I cannot seem to find where to download it onto my computer.
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Cell Format
After using the macro shortcuts, I don't get the extra decimal point with a zero. I tried formatting the cells to change it, but that doesn't work. How can I fix this?
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