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Asset Acquisition: Customer Relationship
Our company is currently acquiring assets of a target company. We intend to acquire specifically, (1) PPE's and (2) customer database. For PPE, we hired a third-party service provider to appraise. For the latter, I used discounted cash flow method, valuation is for 10 years. However, my initial mode... Read More
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Off-balance sheet Inventory Financing
How to account for off-balance sheet crude inventory financing in calculating initial investment in project IRR? Do we include or exclude the amount? If exclude, the Project IRR seems artificially high. If include, the Project IRR seems artificially low and negative.
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Acquisition of assets
Would purchase price for the acquisition of assets normally include or exclude "inventory" since these are mostly spare parts of the main assets? or is it really a deal specific and normally a negotiating point whether to separate pay for the spare parts?
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JCP LBO Template
In the JCP LBO template self-study, Long Term debt on the balance sheet is linked from the debt sweep (I77), which includes preferred debt along with senior unsecured debt. Should preferred debt notional always be included in that manner or should it be included in shareholders equity? For the JCP... Read More
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Reverse Morris Trust (RMT)
I have a question regarding this type of M&A structure. What is the profile of the acquirer and target that makes this work, what makes it not work? Why would a company choose this structure over others out there and what are the key financial/valuation metrics to focus on to determine whether a RMT... Read More
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Synergies/(Cushion) to break even
I just have a conceptual question on synergies and cushion to break even in an accretion dilution model. What does a positive number (synergies) to break even mean and what does a negative number (cushion) to break even mean? Does this mean that I will need X $ of synergies to make up for the premiu... Read More
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Adv LBO Model
How do you calculate Cumulative Debt Paydown as well as Cumulative % of initial Debt Paid in the Credit and Leverage Statistics in the model. thank you.
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Diluted Shares Outstanding Excel Equation
I’m confused about an equation you used in the Merger Model Basics course. You calculated the “Number of Shares Equivalent” – the number of dilutive shares essentially – in the Walmart stores acquires Target accretion/dilution model using the equation =max(0,Number of Options*(1-Option Exe... Read More
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Minimum Cash Balance
Do we put the minimum cash balance as a use of fund as well (in addition to source of fund)? Please explain thank you.
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Cash requirement
For my job, I'm recently working on an US M&A transaction and come up with some practical questions, while I'd appreciate if you can provide me some insight. The vendor plan to distribute all of its excess cash before the closing, however, the managemnet is yet to provide us a cash requirement le... Read More
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