Analyst Essentials Pro

Imagine your boss calls you right now, and sends you a 10-K filing for a company you've never heard of. It's 160 pages long.

Your task is to open up Excel and build a DCF model by the end of the day.

Could you do it?

Would you know how to quickly extract only the relevant numbers?

How would you handle items like minority interest, depreciation, and dividend payments?

If you hesitated for even a moment, you need our Analyst Essentials program.

If you're serious about learning the right way to build robust financial models and perform company valuations, you'll need to also know segment build-ups, sensitivities, and more.

A segment build-up basically gives you a razor-sharp look at the firm's various lines of revenue. For example, a theme park might predict ticket sales to grow at a different rate than their delicious concessions. A model arguably isn't complete without this component.

Meanwhile, sensitivity/scenario analysis lets you quantify the impact of certain inputs. With one keystroke, you can toggle from a "worst case" to a "best case" and see what all your numbers look like.

Beyond that, in what we call Enhancements to the Core Model, you'll be able to handle depreciation schedules, create flexible tax schedules, and utilize alternatives to DCF analysis such as Residual Income and EVA. This all might sound like Greek to you, but your models will be much more precise.


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