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Banks, similar to insurance companies, play by a different set of accounting rules in which the normal approach of building financial models don't apply (such as revenue growth, COGS and SG&A, % of revenue, BS and days outstanding working capital). When it comes to balance sheet based companies, it's a whole other world out there, so strap in and get ready! But don't worry, we'll take it easy with a detailed commercial bank industry primer and overview to familiarize ourselves with the new terminology and then tee you up methodically to before diving into the complex stuff.


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what are the valuation method for non publicly traded banks ?
what are the valuation method for non publicly traded banks ?
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Multi currency model
Do you have inputs on modeling multicurrency statements
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Cost of Funding
When estimating my cost of funding, for the purpose of determining my borrowing cost, (and ultimately my yield) because Yield is normally desired NIM+ FC what are the items that should be considered? is it the same as WACC calculation?
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Liquidity and Cash reserve requirements
How do we account for liquidity/reserve requirement in the model. Should I reduce my funding available for lending by the reserve/liquidity requirement?
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Provisioning IFRS 9
How will the model be affected by IFRS 9 standard on the calculation of Expected Credit Losses. ECL
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Completed work sheet
It would be useful to have a completed worksheet of the model. It is not always easy to follow the instructions. Is it possible you can send a completed model for the advanced model. Thanks. Fanar
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Overview and Terminology (banks primer) does not load - says "cannot load M3U8 404 not found"
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Bank Modeling
My query pertains to the accounting for credit losses for banks. When there is a recovery by a bank, it should reduce the provision expense on the income statement and also reduce the loan reserve. Per the provision for credit losses video, recoveries increase the loan reserve balance on the balance... Read More
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