Package 1: Basic & Fundamental Concepts

Our basic concepts will allow you to learn and gain the fundamental knowledge that you must master before the advanced content. We answer all the rarely answered "WHY" questions - "why do we do this, why do we do that" – instead of answering: "well, just because" or "that's the way it's always been done," we actually clearly and easily explain the logic of why and how not just the what. Whether you are an economics or liberal arts major or a business/finance major looking to summarize the critical 30 pages in that 400 page textbook, our Basic & Fundamental course modules will quickly set the proper foundation for you to excel.


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Corporate Tax Rate
Hasn't the corporate tax rate dropped to 20% under the Trump administration?
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No Growth Model and Gordon Growth Model
Hi there, Why is it that capital gains are not mentioned in the equations for the Gordon Growth Model and No Growth Model? Thanks!
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Hi as someone mentioned before, there is an error for the eps for 2007 which should be 3.34. In order to get full credit do I put the incorrect number from the video or do I put the correct one from the pdf?
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Total Debt
Why is there a total debt cell ($34,778) but then when we calculate the total debt/total capitalization, and the total debt/EBITDA the numerator is total debt + preferred stock + minority interest?
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Redundancy and repeated page numbers?
Why does the 10-K go for about 23 pages, then start all over again with pretty much the same information and starting with new page numbers? It seems really redundant and confusing.
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Averaging When Mixing IS and BS Items
It was my understanding, through both the video and the footnotes on the slides, that we were to average inventory, A/R and A/P balances for the Days Outstanding Ratios. When is it applicable to average and when are the exceptions? Thank you!
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total debt definition
May I know why preferred stock and minority interest are included in total debt? I see them as equity.
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Current liabilities
Hi, one question, would it be correct to exclude the interest-bearing liabilities when calculating the liquidity ratios? I've seen it a lot and just wanted to hear your opinion. Thanks!
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Current Liabilities
When we calculate the liquidity ratios, would it make sense to exclude the short-term interesting-bearing liabilities from the current liabilities? So, e.g., instead of using $48,826 for WMT, we could use $40,178. I've seen this done a couple of times and wanted to make sure what is the right way. S... Read More
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Year of statements inquiry
Please tell me why do you use all the numbers in the video from the year 2006, while on the table grid when have year 2005 ?!
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