Package: Distressed Financial Modeling

Normally, our financial modeling & valuation courses are always prefaced with a caveat: "applies to run-rate, going concern entities, not distressed or restructuring" companies. Why? It's simple - the rules of engagement are completely different for distressed entities that have financial or operational difficulties. Our distressed series will teach you how to model and value distressed companies and securities undergoing restructuring or the bankruptcy process.


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Formula for F68-N72 on Value tab
Shouldn't the offset formula for Cell F68 on the Value Tab instead be: =$C68*F$9-OFFSET(IS!$F$61,F$4,Value!$A68)? This way, it will capture various CASES in the offset function. Please advise.
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Purpose of Column O in value tab
Hi... Can you please explain a little more on the purpose of Column o in the Value tab?
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Distressed Debt Model
In the distressed debt model Hamilton went over, can this model be used to evaluate High Yield bonds? Or High Yield Bonds are a complete separate animal where the distressed model cannot be applied? As I understand, In distressed you are more concerned about figuring out what security to invest an... Read More
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