Package: Real Estate Development Modeling

Real estate takes a different twist from traditional companies in that it doesn't sell or produce any goods. As such, the process of building up the P&L requires a different logic. From quantifying the costs of a development project to the revenue build-up, we explore a master plan for community and condo development to a commercial hotel project.


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Interest Reserve
Let's say the construction loan is good for 24 months but the actual construction period is only 22 months. Hypothetically it has been determined revenue will not be sufficient enough to make any payments on a loan until month 25 resulting in two additional months beyond construction completion that... Read More
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IRR Calculation
I get 23.5% for IRR (with TV) not 29.6%
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Why is interest expense not added to pre-tax income?
so the reason to not include interest expense in your pre-tax income is because interest on this type of mortgage is not tax deductible?
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Filled Out Template
is there a way to get a copy of the template completely filled out correctly? This would be helpful for checking my work : )
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