Package: Buy-Side Series

Oftentimes, the results of your quantitative, fundamental and relative valuation provides an answer and decision rule, but results in a different (and opposite) action item than the buy-side analyst. The goal of our buy-side series is to get introduced to the psyche of a hedge fund and learn how to think like a buy-side analyst. If you're a buy-side professional, you must master these fundamentals. If you're a sell-side professional, adoption of these techniques will increase the value of the presenter's ideas and result in increased and stronger buy-side relationships.


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Other types of hedge funds
What are the most common types of hedge funds besides long/short?
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Material non-public information
Given that many funds are SEC-registered (i.e. are subject to stricter regulations regarding the disclosure of material public information) how does that affect the communications amongst the market participants? What if your buddy at a HF accidentally discloses something that is non-public and neit... Read More
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by A S.
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Hedge Fund - why the double counting ???
isn't the SHORT & LONG(from SHORT) exactly the same (in & out) ? so why are we double counting them when we calculate the Total Invested Capital?????
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