Excel for Entrepreneurs

Welcome to Wall St. Training's Excel for Entrepreneurs package. You'll build a solid foundation in Excel usage to better manage your company with proper financial modeling, projections, and budgeting. Also learn the basics of finance: no need for an undergraduate degree in it!

As an entrepreneur, you'll need to learn proper internal budgeting for your company. In addition, valuation fundamentals are crucial, as most startups and growing businesses go through multiple rounds of investor funding, potentially even being bought out eventually. In the case of an exit, modeling and valuation is also key for succession planning. How do you decide how much your company is worth?

We round out this package with Private Company Pro Forma Modeling. In this course, you'll learn how Wall Street analysts begin to approach private companies, giving you an inside look without using the traditional financial statements found in public companies. Might sound tricky at first, but we'll help you master it in no time!


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