Financial Modeling Starter Kit

These courses will give you a solid foundation from which you can go on to build more nuanced and complex financial models. We'll start with an overview of using Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet software, move onto the basics of accounting as it pertains to the finance world, and then slowly transition to the theory and practice of financial statement projection models and valuation techniques.


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New Student Question
Hello, Can I ask questions if I do not understand a concept? Please let me know. Thanks, CII
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Industry choice
IMHO, after watching this video, understanding a 10k I think would have been much more palatable if it were a different industry. Investment banking has many confusing terms such as interest swaps, ect.
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Wrong number used for Taget ROC
The ROC for Target in the Asset Management Ratios should be 11.9%. The number used in the video for Total debt if off by $1000. Instead of $8,872, it should be $9,872 that is used.
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WORLDCOM (video 13:00 timeslot())
WORLDCOM - (video 13:00 timeslot()) reporting less expenses and more profit found and penalized by the authorities. $500 million cost of assets was recognized as "expense" in a single year, but that accounting treatment was incorrect as per financial GAAP regulations. Since the assets had a life ... Read More
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Working capital exhibit
Where can I find the working capital exhibit that keeps getting referenced?
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