Overview of Financial Markets

Course Goals & Overview:
Introduction to the major jargon and finance terminology in finance. What exactly is the sell-side and the buy-side and do they affect the capital markets and why do they have a symbiotic relationship? What exactly is investment banking, sales & trading and research? How is it that asset management is the flip opposite and yet very similar at the same time? Put those questions to rest with this Overview of Financial Markets overview.

Course Sections:
- Overview of the Sell-Side Process: Investment banking (products / services, deal process, role of professional, industry trends, buzzwords, bulge bracket vs. boutique middle market), equity research, commercial banking, sales & trading (prime brokerage, proprietary trading)
- Overview of the Buy-Side Process: Asset management (products / services, role of professional, industry trends, buzzwords, private client services, private wealth management, portfolio management ), alternatives (hedge funds, private equity, fund of funds)

Video Length / Estimated Total Course Time:
1 hour / 1 hour


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Overview of the Financial Markets
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