Wall Street Certification Bundle

This Certification bundle will allow you to try your hand at getting certified in Accounting & Financial Statement Integration, Basic Financial Modeling, and Accretion/Dilution Modeling: all vital skills on Wall Street.

There are three parts to this certification:
- Accounting & Financial Statement Integration (Exam)
- Basic Financial Modeling + DCF Modeling (Model)
- Accretion Dilution Modeling (Model)
Full instructions for these three deliverables can be found in the respective PDF files, available under the last course in this package ("Wall Street Certification Bundle - Certification").

How to Get Certified:
1. Complete the Accounting & Financial Statement Integration course
2. Click into the last course of this package, and look under Quizzes & Exams
3. Take the "Accounting Quiz (Beverage)" to practice for the certification exam
4. When ready, take the "Accounting Exam (Consumer)"
5. Complete the Basic Financial Modeling + DCF Modeling course
6. Build and submit your PEP Model according to the Certification Instructions
7. Complete the M&A Deal Structuring and Accretion Dilution modeling courses
8. Build and submit your PEP TAP Model according to the Certification Instructions

For more details, please visit: http://wallst-training.com/self-study/index.html#certification

There is one exam for Accounting. It will be timed and multiple-choice. Please be sure to have a stable Internet connection! If you disconnect, you may only reconnect two times without being penalized for time. Please do all your work/calculations first, and then start the online exam to input your answers. You may also prepare for the exam by practicing with the Accounting Quiz, which you may take an unlimited amount of times. During quizzes, the correct answer to each question is available for review, along with a brief explanation.

There are two Excel models: one for Basic Financial Modeling, and one for Accretion Dilution. You must submit a completed Excel model using the template and data provided. You will be graded on accuracy of values as well as adherence to best practices and proper formatting. Be sure to go over the original videos as many times as necessary until you feel comfortable building it out on your own. Take your time on these!

If you pass the Accounting exam and we approve both of your Excel models, we will make a record of it and issue you a certificate (PDF) via email. We encourage you to list your certification on your resume/CV thereafter.

Good luck!


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