How to Analyze a 10K

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How to Analyze a 10K: Bear Stearns example
Hi, I just had a concept in the Bear Stearns example in the “How to Analyze a 10K” module that I would like clarification on. From my understanding, Bear Stearns’ footnotes described that there were around 100MM outstanding shares of common stock, but within its footnotes they had describ... Read More
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Corporate Tax Rate
Hasn't the corporate tax rate dropped to 20% under the Trump administration?
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Redundancy and repeated page numbers?
Why does the 10-K go for about 23 pages, then start all over again with pretty much the same information and starting with new page numbers? It seems really redundant and confusing.
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Future lease payment
Hello Mr Lin, You mentioned that we can extract the future lease payment from AR page 21/22. However, I retrieved the exact same number from Notes-6 Lease section. Is this the right way?
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Wrong videos - missing the 10K exercise instructions and solutions videos
At least within my login when I am currently trying to do the 10k assignment the instructions video that is here is the same one from the accounting & financial integration and talks about that assignment. Same length and everything - I have no access to the 10K assignment videos. Please help with... Read More
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How to Analyze a 10K: about the pension section
Hi, the instructor said there is a section that talks about the pension, I want to know where is it? thanks
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