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Terminal EBITDA multiple
Why is it inappropriate to assume terminal multiple expansion or contraction relative to the current year?
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How does non-controlling interest affect the income statement model & calculation of EPS?
Hi, I understand that EPS is the net income attributed to ordinary shareholders divided by the weighted average number of ordinary shares. So EPS = (Net Income - Non-controlling interest) / Weighted average number of ordinary shares? Do we also deduct the non-controlling interest from the Operati... Read More
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"Slow growth, mature cash cow"
Why do we classify the company as "slow growth" when we had double digit growth during the projection period?
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Diluted earnings per share
I'm confused on why you added 1080 to net income in 2002 to get diluted EPS but didn't add anything to net income in 2003 to get diluted EPS. From my understanding, in Part 2, you said that the company had to pay $1080 worth of interest to the convertible subordinate shareholders if they did not con... Read More
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Shortcut #1
Hi, when I do alt = I do not get the sum shortcut. I think this is because I am using a mac. Do you know what command I am supposed to use instead?
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Investment income in 2003
why is investment income in 2003 3171? isn't 580675*0.5%=2903?
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Capex estimation
I understand the assumption of increasing 1M of Capex every year. However, I think it doesn't match with our assumption of the annual depreciation number, which is a percentage of revenue?
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Income Taxes
Shouldn't 2001 income taxes be 24,381 rather than 24,391?
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Diluted EPS in 2000
Why did we not account for the tax benefit of the 1080 interest expense when adding back 1080 into the numerator of cell f30?
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Tax rate
Hi, one simple question here: why didn't we use the statutory tax rate of 35% (according to 10K p. F-18) when calculating the after-tax impact of the LIFO-FIFO adj.? Is there any specific reason or circumstance? And why assumes 40%? Thanks.
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