Basic FM: Discounted Cash Flow


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Terminal EBITDA multiple
Why is it inappropriate to assume terminal multiple expansion or contraction relative to the current year?
"Slow growth, mature cash cow"
Why do we classify the company as "slow growth" when we had double digit growth during the projection period?
Capex estimation
I understand the assumption of increasing 1M of Capex every year. However, I think it doesn't match with our assumption of the annual depreciation number, which is a percentage of revenue?
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added 8 years ago
DCF EBITDA multiple approach
I am a little confused with the DCF EBITDA multiple approach. The confusion is from applying EBITDA multiple times the last projected year's EBITDA which, according to your presentation, yields the[u:11soywht] "terminal value" but not the enterprise value[/u:11soywht]. In the other word, I would h... Read More
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added 10 years ago
Core Model DCF - terminal cashflow
Why are you taking the EBIT as the terminal cashflow in your calculation of TV using he perpetuity method. I would have taken the final year Unlevered Free Cash Flow. Please clarify
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added 10 years ago