Introduction to Finance


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No Growth Model and Gordon Growth Model
Hi there,

Why is it that capital gains are not mentioned in the equations for the Gordon Growth Model and No Growth Model?

Finance 101: Calculator

I am going to buy a calculator - can anyone recommend?

Should I go for financial or scientific?

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added 10 years ago
DDM is not used in practice?
Regarding page 22 slides, I wanted to clarify DDM is not used in practice (but is a mere theoretical PV concept)? Or is it used in practice if DPS makes up large % of EPS?

Package 1: Basic & Fundamental Concepts
Finance 101 - Introduction to Finance
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added 10 years ago
Finance 101: DDM?
Hi Hamilton, you mentioned that the DDM is a theoretical model not usually used by investment banks. What cash flows do investment banks typically use then and how do you attain them? Also, I was wondering what the difference between the coupon and YTM rate is? Does the coupon rate simply not ... Read More
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added 10 years ago