Intermediate / Advanced Merger Modeling

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DTL creation
Hi there, Does anyone there can help me understanding why we have deferred tax liability (DTL) creation in M&A/purchase price allocation? What is the rationale to create DTLs in this circumstance? I appreciate your help on this matter. Cheers.
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Cash Flow and Balance Sheets for M&A Models
I just wanted to confirm that when building full-blown M&A models (like the PEP-TAP Intermediate Model in Module 5) that it is not common practice to build out the entire B/S and C/F statements, such as we did for the advanced financial model in Module 3.
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Intermed-Adv merger model
Where do you get the 2006A tax rate, and interest rate on cash, and interest rate on debt from? (2007-2010E projections use the 2006A metrics/data) The model/module simply uses stated hardcoded/assumptions/manual inputs.
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Stock issued: calculated off Equity Value or EV?
I noticed that the calculation for stock issued in an M&A deal differs in your Simple Merger Model vs the Int-Adv Model. Why in the simple merger model do you calculate stock issued based on EV whereas in the Int-Adv Merger Model with PEP and TAP you calculate it based off the equity value?
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Dividend payment for Debt Paydown
In the int-Adv model (and this is the case for the AdvFM Model as well, why do we build the Cash Available Before Debt calculation to include a dividend payout when, in theory, dividends have the last priority to payouts. Shouldn't the debt sweep sweep through first and then we decide if dividends a... Read More
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Identifiable Intangible Assets
My video for the M&A package has expired so I'm just going off of what I have in my notes and in the Pepsi/Molson M&A excel model. It seems the differentiating factor between Tax Deductible and Non-Tax Deductible Intangibles is whether the asset has a finite or infinite life. Separately, I w... Read More
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