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Tax effects on cash flow
On pg.263, Exercise 1, the answer is the cash flow will not be influenced by the deferral cost. But shouldn't the effect on taxes be considered? So that a higher pre-tax income leads higher tax payments and then a lower cash flow. Looking forward to your reply!
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added 3 years ago
Cash for Investment in exercise
Page 263, Solution Exercise 1 #2, says the deferral of development costs increased cash from operations by $4.71MM. Cash for Investments increased by the same amount. Shouldn't it say Cash for Investment decreased by same amount, not increase? Same with page 264, Solution Exercise 2 #3, shouldn't... Read More
Capitalization of interest
Hi- referring back to accounting bootcamp lectures, can you explain capitalization of interest, how it impacts the financial statements and how it ties in with deferred taxes? Also, if there are any additional videos on this topic, please let me know. Thank you.