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Zero coupon bond vs. non-interest bearing debt
on Liabilities Exercise on pg311. In the video, the instructor refers to effective method to calculate the expense and record the entry. Why don't we go with the non-interest bearing debt analysis? Since it is a zero-coupon bond, shouldn't it be considered a non-interesting bearing bond? The differe... Read More
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added 2 years ago
shareholder loan
Hi can you shed light in which case is shareholder reported as debt vs equity (capital contribution) on the balance sheet in GAAP and IFRS? From what I understand it's classified as debt at least under IFRS. I am not as familiar with GAAP. In reference to points 1 and 2 below. 1. https://www.... Read More
Bonds Issued at a discount
Hi there-- I have a question from the video Part 2 Liabilities and Debt Accounting. On slide 318 it discusses accounting for bonds issued at a discount using the straight line method-- the numbers on the slide do not match the numbers in the video. coupon rate=6%, 10 year bonds sold for $863,700 and... Read More
Accounting Bootcamp- Short term debt CFO or CFF
In the the Accounting Bootcamp video module, as part of our discussion of the Cash Flow Statement, we've outlined the following formula: CFO = change in CL - Change in other CA + R - Exp. (w. non-cash items added back). In the JPMC case, where we're applying the said formula, the instructor class... Read More
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added 9 years ago